Itineraries: historic villages and cities of art

In the heart of the history and culture of Emilia Romagna

Opera 02 is in an ideal position to allow its guests to discover the heart of Emilia Romagna, a territory rich in historic villages and cities of art. Just walking up the hill of Levizzano Rangone or driving to the center of Castelvetro di Modena, in a few minutes it is possible to find places and atmospheres from other times. Within a short distance, it is then possible to reach the center of two cities rich in history and places to visit, such as Modena and Bologna. Here you can immerse yourself in museums, palaces, world famous monuments such as the Cathedral of Modena, a masterpiece of the Romanesque style, or the medieval center of Bologna, with its kilometers of historic arcades.

But from Opera 02 it is also possible to move easily throughout all the regional territory to discover treasures and cities of art such as Parma, with its cathedral and its baptistery, Ferrara, with its castle and the famous Palazzo Diamanti, Ravenna, with its precious monuments from the Byzantine era. Our reception is always available to give you any information on itineraries and routes. Contact our staff, we will be happy to help you better plan your visits.


The territory of Castelvetro di Modena is full of charm and history. The center of the town rises on a hill in the valley of the Guerro stream and offers the visitor an extremely suggestive view, thanks to the profile of its towers and palaces. Going a few kilometers further you reach the village of Levizzano Rangone, dominated by the imposing castle. Along the way you cannot miss a stop at the ancient Oratory of San Michele, a monument of great interest, whose origins are lost over the centuries.

Terre di Castelli

The territory at the foot of the hills, between Modena and the valley of the Panaro river, is a place where history left important traces: castles, palaces and ancient villages to be discovered. A short distance from Opera 02, centers such as Vignola, Spilamberto and Savignano offer many ideas and suggestions to visitors who want to immerse themselves in history and find real little treasures.


Founded by the Etruscans with the name of Felsina, Bologna boasts a center rich in medieval buildings and monuments. Known for its towers, for its arcades for its Gothic churches, Bologna amazes the visitor for its offer of places to know and discover, for its views, for its palaces and for its museums.

Città d'arte dell'Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is a territory rich in cities of art and treasures to be discovered. Divided for centuries into rival states, duchies and provinces not only on the battlefield, but also in terms of cultural and artistic prestige, the region is now dotted with centers of great importance, all easily accessible from Opera 02. For a visit to the most interesting and suggestive cities and places our reception is always at your disposal for suggestions on itineraries and routes.