The Estate - Winery & Cellar

The estate of the Opera02 was started in 2002 (hence the name Opera 02) among the gentle hills of Levizzano Rangone.

Passion, perseverance and dedication are just some of the values that Opera 02 CEO’s Mattia Montanari, has inherited from his family and has been able to actualize in this start up day after day.

Soon the company began developing, and from the first five hectares of land planted with vines it grew to cover the entire hill, forty-five hectares sorrounded by the green of the fields, in one of the most evocative glimpses of the Modena area. And right here, in the heart of the estate, the old stable was transformed into a resort and vinegar factory, after a patient and innovative recovery work. The Montanari family’s passion for the countryside and agriculture has distant origins. Grandfather Renzo and grandma Irma have transmitted to their children and grandchildren the values ​​and the spirit of the traditions of the territory and of their products.

When Opera02 was started, the first vines of  Lambrusco Grasparossa were also planted in the estate. This is one of the oldest native vines in the world, whose name derives from the peculiar red nuances of its stalks during the autumn season. Over the years several other typical varieties of the territory were also planted, such as the Trebbiano di Modena, whose grapes are necessary for the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, in addition to Malbo Gentile.

Opera02 today is characterized on the one hand by its estate entirely cultivated with organic methods, and on the other by its resort and restaurant featuring a very low environmental impact, thanks to an innovative design of spaces and materials and to the attention for renewable energies. The common thread that links these different aspects is the respect for nature , the preservation of traditions through a careful attention to details, and a look that is always open to innovation. The facility is ideal for relaxing stays in the quiet of the Emilia hills but also for interesting visits to nearby cities of art like Modena, Bologna and Reggio Emilia . From each room the views opens to the hilly landscape and on shades of intense colors and typical fragrances that make the resort unique as a whole, a true Wine Suite.

The Winery

The biological wines of Opera02 are the result of a continuous evolution and experimentation. Tradition and modern technologies come together in a production where quality, not quantity, always comes first.

Every year our product follows the rhythm of the land and of the seasons. And from year to year, as nature changes through its thousand shades, so the wine is always different and never the same. This is our philosophy and this is our wine: a natural product, without forcing and without artifice.

The Vineagar Cellar

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is an renowed, exclusive and unique condiment, which stands out for its dark and shiny color, for its density, and its richness of aromas and flavors.

Its legacy is a tradition handed down over the centuries, whose procedure involves the slow maturation of the cooked grape must inside barrels of different woods and of increasingly smaller dimensions. Only in this way the final product acquires that balance of unique tastes, capable of enhancing the flavors of the dishes to which it is combined.

A sustainable facility

Opera 02 is powered by Verde Dentro, the REPower project that certifies the use of only green energy, guaranteeing both the source of origin and the renewable plant used for its production.

Opera 02 Cantina e Acetaia Certificata Verde dentro repower