Weddings & Ceremonies Opera02

Opera|02 is the ideal location for weddings and ceremonies.


The estate is located beetween Modena and Maranello, in the heart of the Motor Valley, the birthplace of Ferrari and the “cradle” of food and wine excellences.

The products of this land are today among the best known standard bearers of italian cuisine in the world.


Opera|02 welcomes its guests in a setting where nature joins contemporary design.

This unique structure is located in a hilly countryside enhanced by a strech of Grasparossa vineyards that give a strong scenic impact expecially during the autumn season when the vineyards turn red.


The facility is characterized by various parts:

The cellar, with a production of entirely organic wines, it is the beating heart of Opera|02.

The vinegar loft, where the ancient barrels of traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena D.O.P. age for several years.

The resort, a boutique hotel that consists of eight junior suites, each one with a private terrace over the vineyards and an infinity pool with a wonderful view.


The restaurant rooms can accommodate all your guests, offering them a splendid view on the surrounding hills from the large windows.

During the summer season the outdoor terrace becomes the perfect solution for the reception, the buffet-aperitif and a suggestive cake cutting thanks to the suggestive landscape among the vineyards.


Opera02 is proud to have also a strong collaboration with a very important local wedding planner and designer service which can guide you in all your selections.