69,00 55,20

Opera|02 Experience Gift box

1 Lambrusco Grasparossa, 1 Lambrusco OperaRosa, 1 Pearls of Aceto Balsamico, Balsamic Condiment aged 6 years, 2 fruit jams of your choices

  • Opera Secco

    Goes nicely with cold meats, pasta with meat sauce, boiled, grilled meat

    9,00 7,20
  • Opera Rosa

    Goes nicely with ham of Modena, salted pork, passatelli, tortellini, fish and input wine

    14,00 11,20
  • Aged condiment 6 pourings

    Goes well with everything perfectly, great with salads, vegetables both cooked and raw, roasted and grilled meats, stews, omelets, soft cheeses and seasoned

    15,00 12,00
  • Pearls with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP

    Pearls represent a new way of interpreting Balsamic Vinegar through an explosion of taste enclosed by a subtle gelation.

    9,00 7,20
  • 2 Fruit compose of your choiche

  • Wooden Box

    An exclusive wooden package for wrapping beautiful gifts with Opera | 02 products

    12,00 9,60